4 Beautiful Landscapes You Shouldn’t Miss when you travel in Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam is known for both delicious and authentic Vietnamese cuisine and awe-inspiring natural and man-made landscapes. There are three famous cities to visit within Central Vietnam : Da Nang – Hue – Hoi An and when traveling within these three historical and modern cities, there are landscape you just can’t afford to miss.

Lang Co is located in Phu Loc District about 65 kilometers away from the city center of Hue, beautiful bodies of water gives refreshment to the day. Lang Co has no specific tourist destination but it is known for Lap An Lagoon and Lang Co beach.

Lap An Lagoon is both scenic and useful for locals and tourists. The lagoon is for oyster farming, it is the main source of income of the residents. Make sure to look at this beautiful lagoon at the foot of Bach Ma mountain as it is picture perfect most especially during sunset. Another must see landscape on the way to Hoi An from Hue is the Lang Co Beach. A good beach to chill and swim as it is not crowded like the other beaches in Central Vietnam. This white sand beach looks amazing at the starting point of Hai Van Pass. It sets expectation to what other things to see upon reaching the Hai Van Pass viewpoint.

Hai Van Pass is located along the Annamite Range between Thua Thien-Hue and Da Nang. It is approximately 20km long and highest pass in Vietnam. The winding road gives excitement to adventure seekers, expect to see number of motorbike riders on the way to the viewpoint of the pass. Upon reaching the viewpoint of Hai Van Pass, take a good look of the beautiful landscapes of Danang and Hue.

Then Marblem Mouintain – Danang is the biggest city in the central of Vietnam. In the middle of this modern city, the wonderful landscape of the Marble Mountain still stuns visitors. This is why it is the top visited site within the city. The mountain overlooks the city buildings and the famous My Khe Beach. The five mountains are considered as holy and locals set up grottoes and shrines to honor their gods that dates back thousand of years ago.

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