Best ways to get to Golden Bridge – Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills is located 42km west of Da Nang city center. Most people go there from Da Nang, but it’s also possible to get there from Hoi An directly. There is currently no public transportation like bus and train to Ba Na Hills.

Best way to get to Golden Bridge – Ba Na Hills?

Your 3 options to get there are:

  1. Prebooked private transfers or shared shuttles – from Da Nang and Hoi An (this is the best option)
  2. Taxi – from Da Nang and Hoi An
  3. Hotel pick up – from Da Nang Airport only

No matter which option you pick, the travel time is going to be 1-1.5 hours each way from Danang or 1,5 – 2 hours from Hoian

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Private car transfer or shared shuttle services

(Best option)

This is probably the most popular way for tourists to get to Ba Na Hills. You have the option to prebook either private transfers or shared shuttle services

Private car from Danang or Hoian to Bana hills

I highly recommend this option because it can be very cheap if you use the shared shuttle option. If you use the private transfer option, then cost is better than taxis, but everything is prearranged online so you get the peace of mind knowing you have a professional driver waiting for you

Pick up and drop off is usually from/to your hotel in Da Nang or Hoi An. So it’s extremely convenient

There are lots of services like this. The best places to book them are through:

  • Danang Transfers ( As locals we want your first impression of Vietnam to be a great one. Our excellent airport transfer services, private cars transfer from your hotel and small group tours, private car will allow you to have an enjoyable and worry free trip!
  • Klook ( a massively popular platform to book local tours and transportation services in Asia. Just go to the site and search for “Ba Na Hills” and you should see numerous transportation services to/from Da Nang and Hoi An. Prices are usually in USD but the prices will be higher than local transfer companies
  • Viator ( an American website owned by Tripadvisor that sells local tours and transportation services across the world. Go to the site and search for “Ba Na Hills”, and filter for transportation services but the prices also be higher than local transfer companies
  • Or if you just Google “Ba Na hills private car transfers“, you will see other options

Take a quick look with our Private Transport Service here: 

Costs: cost will vary depending on the provider but here are the average costs

Private transfers: $15USD one-way or $25USD round-trip from Da Nang. $30USD one-way or $45USD round-trip from Hoi An ( per sedan 4 seats car )

Shared shuttle services: $7USD one-way or $14USD round trip from both Da Nang and Hoi An

Payment : Easy payment in cash – No deposit, our driver will collect your money when you arrival in your hotel and end the trip or credit card through the website. Once you book, you will get an confirmation of your booking, and the provider will get in touch with you to confirm pick up details

Taxi to Bana hills

(not recommended due to hassle)

I don’t really recommend this option because it’s more hassle than prebooking a private transfer and it’s not any cheaper

Taxi to Golden bridge – Bana hills
  • You can ask your hotel to call you a taxi from either Da Nang or Hoi An. You can call one yourself if you speak Vietnamese, but it will be difficult if you don’t. Some guests never tried hailing a taxi off the street to go to Ba Na Hills, it may be possible but they doubt it
  • To avoid getting scammed by your taxi driver (which is rampant in Vietnam), ask your hotel to call either Mai Linh taxi or Vinasun taxi. They are both national taxi companies and are very reputable. If you use other taxi companies you’re running the risk of racking up extremely high charges on the meters
  • This bit is important: If you’re going to Ba Na hills for a day trip, the usual practice is to ask the driver to wait for you there and you pay for the round trip. Ba Na Hills is very remote, and every taxi I’ve seen there were waiting for someone; I believe it’ll be very difficult to just hail a taxi from there to get back to Da Nang or Hoi An after you’re done, so be sure to tell your hotel to get tell the taxi company that you need your car to wait for you

Cost: round trip taxi fare from Da Nang is 450,000-500,000 VND ($21-$24USD), including waiting time. Round trip fare from Hoi An is about double, at 800,000-900,000 VND ($36-$40 USD), including waiting time

  • You can also use Grab app, which is the Uber of Southeast Asia. With Grab, the fare is 375,000 VND ($17 USD) each way from/to Da Nang, and 750,000 VND ($33USD) each way from/to Hoi An. If you want to be super local, you can also use the Grab Bike option, which is a motorbike taxi service. The fare will be significantly cheaper, at just 100,000 VND ($4.5USD) each way from/to Da Nang, and 180,000 VND ($8USD) each way from/to Hoi An. With Grab, your drive will unlikely to wait for you there, but don’t worry you will be able to find a car to take you back

Vinasun taxi : Phone  +842363 68 68 68.  Website

Malinh Taxi Group : Phone  +84 1055.  Website

Taxi Mai Linh or Vina Sun

Make sure you set your destination right. If you want to take the cable car, which is an attraction in itself (as it holds the Guinness World Record for world’s longest cable car), you need to have the taxi drop you off at the cable car base station, located here. Otherwise you can set your destination to the main entrance on top of the hill (here)

Hotel pickup

(not recommended due to cost and limited pick up locations)

This option is only available if you’re staying overnight with Mercure on Ba Na Hills. In fact, Mercure is the only hotel at Ba Na Hills so you really don’t have much of a choice when it comes to accommodation

  • Also, it only picks up from and drop offs to Da Nang Airport. It does not pick up from Hoi An, but it can drop you off in Hoi An
  • Keep in mind that the vast majority of visitors to Ba Na Hills do day trips, so the place really dies down overnight. Hotel guests will still be able to walk around the park at night, but most of the businesses are closed and the place is quite deserted. Anyway, if you are an overnight guest at Mercure, you can ask them about their pick up and drop off services from/to Da Nang and Hoi An
Grand mercure Bana hills hotel

Cost – it’s very expensive

  • Da Nang Airport to Ba Na Hills (1 way): 520,000 VND ($23USD) for a 5-seater car and 750,000 VND ($33USD) for a 12-seater car
  • Da Nang Airport to Ba Na Hills (round trip): 950,000 VND ($41USD) for a 5-seater and 1,350,000 VND ($59USD) for a 12-seater
  • Ba Na Hills to Hoi An (1 way): 1,105,000 VND ($48USD) for a 5-seater and 1,300,000 VND ($56USD) for a 12-seater
  • Ba Na Hills to Hoi An (round trip, meaning back to Ba Na Hills): 1,790,000 VND ($77USD) for a 5-seater and 2,080,000 VND ($90USD) for a 12-seater

How to book: once you’ve made your room reservation with Mercure, you can contact them directly to get the current price and make your booking. They recommend that you reserve at least 24 hours in advance

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