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My Son Sanctuary: Tours, Ticket & Transport Prices (New Updated)

Located west of Hoi An in the middle of a lush valley surrounded by jungle mountains is a cluster of Hindu temple remains, the My Son Sanctuary. It’s a unique site within Vietnam not only for the fact that it was once at the centre of the ruling Champa groups but also for the reason that its construction development began in the 4th century—these structures were going up eight hundred years before Angkor Wat! My Son Temples in the lush vegetation of Central Vietnam. Photo: Hidden Hoi An This sanctuary was one of the most important constructions for the Champa civilization.  Therefore as [...]

A Complete Guide To The Da Nang Train Station

Da Nang Railway Station is one of Central Vietnam’s main train stations along the historic North-South “Reunification Line.” It sees daily arrivals and departures from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hue, and other national hubs.Da Nang Transfer shares a brief history of train travel through Da Nang, before sharing the information you need to make your station experience as user-friendly and enjoyable as possible. From how to buy train tickets and get to and from the Da Nang train station, to a breakdown of station facilities and services, Da Nang Transfer has got you covered! Let’s get started. History Of Da [...]

Hoi An to Bana hills ➡️ Best ways by Bus, Taxi, Car, Motorbike, Tour

Ba Na Hills is billed as ‘Vietnam’s own Disneyland’ and is one of the country’s most visited tourist destinations. With picturesque views, distinctive gothic architecture and a world-renowned fantasy park, it is easy to see why. Despite being 45 kilometres apart, there are plenty of options for travelling from Hoi An to the Ba Na Hills.  It is the perfect location for a day trip. However, Hidden knows there’s an overwhelming amount of information out there on this subject!  So we have put together a useful summary guide on how to get from Hoi An to the Ba Na [...]

Sunset at Golden Bridge – Best time to visit Ba Na hills !

Vietnam is sure a world renowned tourist destination for its history, culture, and beauty. International visitors went up to more than 15 million last 2018 and as of April 2019, there have been almost 6 million foreigners who visited the country. Each visitor has a certain place they are excited to go to in the country and one of which is the mind-blowing architecture of the Golden Bridge. Golden Bridge – New Highlight of Da Nang The Golden Bridge (Hand God Bridge) is the newest attraction in Ba Na Hills, Danang.  Danang is a coastal city in Central Vietnam and is known for [...]

Travel Hue to Hoi An by Train, bus, taxi, car, motorbike 2024

Hoi An is a place where the bold march of progress peters into a leisurely amble. In this one-time trading port, the Thu Bon River meanders past crumbling shop houses and weathered pagodas, while sampans come and go from the old ferry quay. Outside the Old Town, two-lane roads slice through waving rice fields and emerge at a frothy coastline. Stay a couple of days, and Hoi An’s easygoing beauty and lantern-lit nights may leave you hopelessly beguiled. The desire to come to Hoi An has raised concern in most of the travelers that how to get there. I [...]

Taxi Hoi An to Quy Nhon with Professional driver‎ only from $160

Xin chao! Hello! Welcome to Hoian City – Vietnam! There is much way from Hoian to Quy Nhon. You can book bus ticket, or you can book train ticket. But there are some reasons that you can’t book flight tickets or train tickets. Danang Transfer Service offers Hoian to Quy Nhon by Private Car rental to help you have another ways to transfer from Hoian to Quy Nhon. Taxis scams could be a bad experience for tourists to Vietnam and a main reason why so many do not want to return to this amazing country. This is why we set up Danang Transfers. As locals we want [...]

Taxi Hoi An to My Son Sanctuary with professional driver‎ $30

Xin chao! Hello! Welcome to Hoian – Vietnam! If Hoi An enchants you by colorful lanterns along downtown streets by night, charming red towers in My Son surely amazes you in the sunset. My Son Sanctuary is located in My Son village, Duy Tan commune, Duy Xuyen district, 30km west of Tra Kieu (the ancient capital of Cham people) and 69km south-west of Da Nang city, and 45km from Hoian city. Let us explore My Son Sanctuary ! Private car to My Son Sanctuary from Hoi An – New vehicles with professional driver team– Flexible departure time– Provide driver’s info and car plate before [...]

Taxi Da Nang to Quy Nhon with Professional Driver‎ only $160

Explore the exciting city of Da Nang with ease by booking your private charter service. Hop from one tourist spot to another with a professional driver at the wheel. Look out the window and discover one of the World’s Top 10 cities to live in, Da Nang. Enjoy a smooth and hassle-free pick-up and drop-off service. Choose from well-maintained and spacious 4-, 7-, or 12- seat vehicles. Let our Danang Transfer customer service team arrange everything for your convenience if you are carrying heavy luggage. Your well-deserved vacation is our priority. Book your private charter in Da Nang with [...]

Taxi Da Nang to Golden Bridge with Professional Driver‎ only 17$

Xin chao! Hello! Welcome to Da Nang City – Vietnam! If you have a chance to visit Danang city, do not miss one of the most attractive sites – Cau Vang (means “Golden Bridge”) with the special structure in the hills. From here, you can immerse the specular view as well as the fresh atmosphere of the hills in Danang. You are staying in Danang city and you would like to go to Bana hills – Golden Bridge. You can take taxi, motobike or group tour… For more comfortable, Danang Transfer offers Private car from Da Nang to Bana hills – Golden Bridge Taxis [...]

Taxi Hoi An to Da Nang with Professional Driver‎ only $13

Xin chao! Hello! Welcome to Hoian – Vietnam! Transfer from Hoi An to Da Nang Airport by private car is a reliable, flexible, fast and on-time transfer service. As you know, the Hoi An to Da Nang airport distance is about 40km and it takes around 45 minutes. From Hoi An to Da Nang airport, there are many different ways of transportation such as Hoi An to Da Nang airport bus; Hoi An to Da Nang Shuttle bus, Hoi An to Da Nang airport taxi, Grab, etc. But Hoi An to Da Nang airport transfer by private car is the best option that a lot of tourists have chosen [...]

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