Sunrise – Best time to visit My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary is a Hindu temple complex built by the ancient Cham Kingdom. It was constructed between the 4th and 14th century AD during the reign of Champa kings. The place served as a site for the royals religious ceremonies. My Son is one of the most significant historical sites in Vietnam.

Sunrise in My Son

As the religious and political capital of the Champa Kingdom, My Son was grand and has utmost significance to the history of Hinduism in Southeast Asia. Though after the fall of Champa Kingdom, the site was ruined and was later rediscovered by a French explorer in 1898. The restoration began in 1937 however, due to massive bombing in the area during the Vietnam war, the site was further destroyed. To this day, the ruins of the My Son Sanctuary is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in South-Central Vietnam.

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What time should you visit My Son ? Why Sunrise ?

My Son Temples attract a lot of domestic and international tourists, curious about the fascinating and mysterious history of Cham people and their architecture. My Son Sanctuary is often times compared to the Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the Borobudur in Indonesia. All these ancient temples are best to be visited by Sunrise.

The best time to explore My Son Holy Land is early in the morning, as the thick fog of the mountain clears, visitors can admire the beautiful sunrise and the mysterious temple ruins while enjoying the cool and fresh air. Sunrise visit to the My Son Sanctuary spares you from high temperatures during mid-day and the big crowd.

Amazingly, you will learn that the layout of the temples is dictated by the rays of the sun. You will not miss this if you decide to visit My Son Sanctuary early in the morning. The early morning sunlight shines behind the head of Vishnu from where it is scattered throughout the place.

As you explore My Son Sanctuary and discover some fascinating facts about this ancient capital and the Cham people, you will go through many holy grounds and while the site management may sometimes not strict about it but it will be wise to dress properly when you visit the holy land of Cham people.

One of the highlights of going on a My Son Sanctuary Sunrise tour is that, you will be able to witness a several Traditional Champa dances such as paying homage to nature and the traditional Apsara dance. The local government did their best to restore the ancient Champa dances not only to entertain but also educate My Son Sanctuary visitors about their culture and traditions. The dance performances happens everyday except Mondays at 9:45 and 10:45 in the morning.

How to get from Hoi An/Da Nang to My Son ?

My Son Sanctuary is 50 kilometers away from Hoi An Ancient Town and Da Nang city-takes an hour drive by car. Private transfer allows tourists to depart on their most convenient time and enjoy sightseeing longer without being rushed.

Hoian Private Car

You can reach My Son by Private Car with driver, by Taxi or Grab, by Rental a Motorbike.

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How much for entrance fee in My Son?

The ruins of ancient Cham temples can be explored for only 150.000 VND. This entrance fee includes a ride on an electric car to get closer to the My Son Sanctuary site, the site itself and a tour at the Champa Museum right next to the exit gate. The museum has several historical artifacts and relics from the Champa Kingdom and Vietnam War.

Things to bring in early morning

  • Bring a camera to capture the first moments of sunrise in My Son
  • A bit of snacks because you will depart early in the morning, avoiding hunger that is not enough to discover all
  • Wear simple clothes and comfortable shoes for walking a lot

Hope you will have a great time in Vietnam!

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