Top 5 BEST Hoi An Taxis & Shuttles – You Need to Know !

Taxi services in Hoi An, provided by reputable companies such as Mai Linh Taxi, Vinasun Taxi, Tien Sa Taxi, Sun Taxi, and Grab technology-based taxis, will greatly facilitate the transportation of customers, making it easier and more convenient than ever before.

A common concern among many tourists when traveling to Hoi An is choosing means of transportation. Currently, Hoi An taxis are popular and widely chosen by many tourists for exploring and visiting tourist destinations. The following article will compile a list of reputable taxi companies to assist tourists in easily researching and selecting their options!

Should you use taxis for transportation when traveling to Hoi An?

Tourist attractions in Hoi An, such as An Bang Beach, the ancient town, and Bay Mau coconut forest, are often not very close to each other. Therefore, you can prioritize choosing taxis or motorbikes for sightseeing transportation. However, for tourists who are not confident in riding motorbikes or are unfamiliar with the routes, Hoi An taxis are the most suitable means of transportation. Opting for taxi services in Hoi An offers several advantages:

  • Easy taxi booking: Hoi An has a variety of taxi companies operating extensively and available on every street, meeting the transportation needs of customers effectively.
  • Cost optimization for group travel: According to the taxi fare tables in Hoi An, if traveling in a large group, the cost can be divided among the passengers, making it quite economical.
  • Friendly drivers: The taxi drivers from various companies in Hoi An are professionally trained, ensuring safety and providing interesting insights about destinations and activities for tourists.

In addition to the advantages, there are also some drawbacks when using taxis in Hoi An, such as:

  • Traffic conditions: The streets in Hoi An are quite narrow and only allow small vehicles to pass through. Traveling by taxi can be challenging during peak hours or when there are many tourists, resulting in traffic congestion.
  • Informality: Some taxis in Hoi An may not be registered or lack official operating permits. If accidentally boarding such taxis, there may be potential risks in terms of safety and security.
  • Inconvenience: Certain locations in Hoi An, such as the ancient town, do not allow taxis to enter. This can cause inconvenience for tourists as they have to disembark from taxis at a distance from their desired destinations.

The Most Reputable Taxi Companies In Hoi An

Grab Technology Taxi

  • Phone number: Contact the driver’s number through the ride-hailing app
  • Hoi An Taxi Fare: Depends on the pickup location, clearly displayed on the app

With the rapid development of digital technology, there are now many ride-hailing apps available for tourists. In Hoi An, in addition to the reputable traditional taxi companies mentioned above, you can choose to book a ride with Grab, a technology-based taxi service. The taxi fares in Hoi An on the Grab app will be displayed according to the pickup location. Customers can also view information about the driver and the type of vehicle on the app.

The advantages of choosing Grab for transportation include a diverse range of taxi options, quick booking time, reasonable fares, clear fare display, and the possibility of enjoying various attractive promotions and discounts.

Sun Taxi – Affordable Taxi in Hoi An

  • Hotline: 0235.
  • Fares: 5000 – 16000 vnđ/km

Sun Taxi is one of the affordable and high-quality taxi options in Hoi An for you. Sun Taxi provides good service quality, ensuring safety, and optimizing cost for customers.

The team of Sun Taxi drivers is trained to be friendly and professional, providing comfort throughout your journey. With their extensive experience and knowledge of the routes, Sun Taxi drivers are ready to chat and share beautiful destinations and interesting activities for you to experience in Hoi An.

Mai Linh Taxi – Quality Hoi An Taxi Company

  • Hotline: 0235.
  • Fares: 11.000 vnđ – 15,100 vnđ/km

When it comes to reputable and well-known taxi companies in Hoi An, Mai Linh is an indispensable choice for both locals and tourists. Mai Linh Taxi is the most renowned taxi company in Vietnam, operating in many provinces and cities nationwide. In Hoi An, there is a large number of Mai Linh taxis available, and you can easily hail a taxi on any street.

Mai Linh Taxi in Hoi An is highly regarded for its excellent service quality and reasonable fares. The drivers are professionally trained and familiar with the streets, enabling them to meet the transportation needs of passengers and provide recommendations for places of interest to tourists.

Vinasun Taxi

  • Hotline: 0235.
  • Fares: 11,000 – 15,500 vnđ/km

Currently, Vinasun Taxi is increasing the number of taxis in Hoi An to meet the transportation needs of both locals and tourists for sightseeing and exploration.

Sun Taxi Hoi An receives high praise from many customers for its professional service attitude, safe transportation, and experienced drivers. Additionally, Vinasun offers a diverse fleet of vehicles, including premium models such as Vios and Innova with seating capacities ranging from 4 to 7 passengers.

Tien Sa Taxi

  • Hotline: 0235.
  • Fares: 13,000 – 16,000 vnđ/km

One reputable taxi company in Hoi An and Da Nang, highly regarded alongside other famous taxi companies, is Tien Sa Taxi. The significant advantage of Tien Sa Taxi is its professional service attitude, modern fleet of vehicles, and transparent fare display during the journey.

All trip information and transactions with the drivers are conducted professionally and transparently, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a quality taxi company in Hoi An’s ancient town, Tien Sa Taxi should definitely not be overlooked.

Important Considerations When Taking a Taxi in Hoi An

Hoi An is a tourist city with numerous taxi companies catering to the transportation needs of tourists and locals. However, not all taxi companies are reputable, offer reasonable fares, or provide helpful drivers. Therefore, when choosing to take a taxi in Hoi An, it is advisable to consider the following tips:

+ Before getting into a taxi, inquire about the taxi fare in Hoi An. Upon entering the taxi, check if the meter is turned on and ensure that the taxi company and phone number match the information you called.

+ Check the route on Google Maps in advance to avoid situations where the driver takes a longer route to increase the fare. If you book a taxi from a hotel, you can ask the receptionist for directions and inform the driver accordingly.

+ To optimize the cost of taxi transportation in Hoi An, you can consider sharing a ride with other travelers and splitting the fare.

+ Note that motorbikes and cars are not allowed inside the Hoi An Old Town area. Therefore, taxis can only drop you off or pick you up at the entrance of the ancient town. Be prepared with a hat, comfortable shoes, and be ready to explore on foot.

+ The average taxi fare from Hoi An to Da Nang is around 400,000 Vietnamese Dong. You can contact the taxi company to book a round-trip transfer for a better discounted rate.

Traveling by taxi will make your Hoi An trip comfortable, allowing you to conserve energy for exploring more destinations. The article provides information on reputable and high-quality taxi companies in Hoi An that are highly rated for your reference and selection. We hope you will choose the appropriate taxi company and have a joyful and memorable trip!

Car rental with driver in Hoi An

A service designed for both business and leisure travel, dedicated to those who want to get around safely and in maximum comfort not only in Hoi An but in the whole of Vietnam. Danang Transfer offers a car rental service with driver and is made up of a team of qualified drivers and a fleet of sedan, saloon, bus and minibus of various types and models, with sophisticated leather interior and air conditioning, telephone and navigation system to ensure comfortable and relaxing transportation for each and every customer.

Private car with driver, below is a list of Hoi An private car with drivers you can hire for trips in and around Hoi An. Whether you need picking up or dropping off at the airport or want a day trip to one of Hoi An’s attractions such as Ba Na Hills, My Son Sanctuary or Vinpearland Nam Hoi An, car rental is a really reliable, cheap and easy way to get there. Costs include picking you up at your hotel and dropping you back.

  • Flexibility and convenience: Hoi An car rental service provides flexibility and convenience for your journey. You can freely move around according to your preferences, without relying on the schedules of public transportation. You can easily explore the ancient houses, Hoi An market, or stroll along the narrow streets of the old town. Moreover, you can easily reach nearby destinations such as Ba Na Hills, Da Nang, Hue, or the beautiful surrounding beaches.
  • Professional driver team: Hoi An car rental service ensures that you will be served by a professional and experienced driver team. The drivers not only have a good understanding of Hoi An and the surrounding destinations but also prioritize the safety and comfort of customers. They will assist you in choosing the best route, provide suggestions, and share useful information about local culture and history.
  • New and well-equipped vehicles: Hoi An car rental service provides new and regularly maintained vehicles. The cars are equipped with modern amenities to ensure comfort and safety for passengers. You can choose from a diverse list of vehicles, from compact 4-seater cars to spacious 7-seaters and 16-seaters, according to your needs and the number of passengers.
  • Time-saving and flexible exploration: Renting a car in Hoi An helps you save time and explore destinations flexibly. You can easily travel from Hoi An to famous landmarks such as Da Nang Airport, Ba Na Hills, Hue, and many other tourist spots without worrying about public transportation or searching for taxis. You will have full control over your time and itinerary, enjoying each moment and exploring the local area freely.
  • Professional and reliable service: Hoi An car rental service is committed to providing you with a professional and reliable experience. The friendly and experienced staff will assist you in booking a car, choosing routes, and meeting all your requirements. The cars are regularly maintained and comply with traffic safety regulations, ensuring safety and comfort for each trip.

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